Thursday, August 25, 2016

diary 272: just because it's black in the dark; doesn't mean there's no color


how are you all? i hope you are having a joyful end of august days.

as you may know i wanna keep this little space of mine a joyful inspirational place to come visit. but to be honest right now it would be truly dishonest of me if i pretended to be filled with joy. see i have struggled with my mental health since i was a child, i am not ready just yet to say exactly what i have been/ and am still struggling with. the hardest journey i have ever been on is this one that started in feb. 2014, it had been building up over the course of a little more than one year. i started to get my life back in order in november of last year thanks to medication and therapy for a year and a half with day care in a very amazing hospital. obviously (or at least for me) there were many many practical issues i had set aside, i could only focus on staying well for the longest time. i am slowly starting to get things in order:) however, recently there has been a couple of seriously worrying stressful things happening. my medication sort of deals with all the worries and stress, but the other day my psoriasis is back. as a 6 year old to soon turn 7 i was diagnosed with this, the stress then was starting school. the little me, i feel such compassion. in the beginning i only had it on my elbows but soon it was covering my whole scalp, it was awful. so itchy which made it bleed by me scratching. i was too ashamed about this. 6-7 years later it slowly healed. and now it is back. on top of this, my gas is not working which = ice cold water. i need to take magnesium baths now to do all i can to not have this thing flare up that badly again. 

so whatever i say here i am telling myself:)

on a lighter note, i have a little team behind me so i am not alone:)
paris, thank you for today!


just because it's black in the dark
doesn't mean there's no color

-from her song 

so despite me being severely stressed and most of the times, feeling unsafe there are good moments too:) for example when i was invited for tea at my friends sue's house and to meet her beatufully furry kitty katty:)))  was such a precious moment for me:) next week we are to explore charity & junk shops in crystal palace:) 

meet tia:)

at the moment
with above 25 degrees:)
comfy comfy comfy
soft soft soft



h&m sunshine top
top shop softy cotton shorts
bangles from screaming mimis
salt water sandals

another day,i liked my braid:)
the white thingy is paint, i am truly by the day looking more and more like a bonafide artist...!!!

how i am praying for my own little kitty:)
arnold genthe
the beauty above with her magic
audrey munson

here is a little thingy. another amateur documentary showing bits & pieces in my life:)
from this past week actually
yes there can be colours even though it seems
such darkness


cat magic

tower bridge


sweetness alice in wonderland

antique dolls

vintage bridal

the wonders of cats

angel poetry

faith hope love
alice solantania saga

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Crookshanks Calling For Angelic Ballerina Magic Joy Kind of Weekend:)))


how are you all:)? how was your weekend?

mine was filled with ballet and planning while listening to the magic world of harry potter. i wonder when i will get my crookshanks haha!!! or when i am to find my pixie creatures that devours faerie easter eggs???

tomorrow i am meeting my lovely friend sue. i am to greet her kitty katty for the first time before hopefully  exploring some magic in our nature. can't wait!

i wish you a wonderful week!

found this victorian 
victorian child
vintage photography hand painted perfection

i put my poem on my mixed media angel art victorian piece:)
angel poetry

a calling of angelic joy

something whispers
come come
dear human child
feels so far away
still so close
a faerie trying to be heard
 on the rainbow
she say's
come be my magic
come be my joy
come sing with the
come join in 
for an eternity
unconditional love

- alice solantania saga

when at home in dulwich i like to be comfy
this summer it usually looks
sort of like
top shop dotty top
primark shorts, which really are for bedtimes:)))
screaming mimis bangles
office ballerinas

primark fake glasses:)

came home happy the other day
despite having to wear a rain coat
maybe the yellow made me shine:)?
top shop
rain coat by top shop

3 goldens:)))

gucci's spring 2016 collection
i wanna be that girl
image from

the interior of
iris apfel's
iris apfel
such a room:))))
see the whole story 
filled with magic images

the world 
for us
tasha tudor
my love for mademoiselle 
tasha tudor
is well documented

here is a 
work in progress
i am in love with the tale 
elsa beskow
tant grön, tant brun & tant gredelin
violette amorina portman
i am applying beeswax to this piece of work! maybe mixed with some white & violette pigments:)

tant gredelin

as always in my work i am inspired by the world
such beauty

if the weather permits:) this week i will finally create my
i am love
please sunshine with zero wind london!?

i am too visiting kew gardens, they have a beehive exhibition/ event!
bees are such magical sweetness creatures:)
don't you agree?

i mean
bee flower magic
since this image was taken
 i have captured such beauties in the world of bees:)))
with my zenith-e camera from the olympics of moscow 1980:)))

love to you all
alice solantania saga

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Journey Of Devouring Quirky Sweet Cheeks Faerie Tale Magic

yes that is us
the faerie tales of violette
our journey

i have had a few days of tiring paper fixing thingies type of days, so draining. reality can be such a downer. anyways, feeling a tiny bit empowered since i am starting to understand some basics. yeey:) august overall for me is to organzie and plan for our fall of 2016. feeling tiny excited. looking forward to our next season.

 so the august days are filled of teachings, plannings, clearings with magical mornings.
meeting lovely people. afternoons in my park and my garden.

as for something else;0)!
 this lovely new friend googled my middle name....  to maybe catch a glimpse of my works:)? oh dear!  i knew this would have me google myself:) i found a lot...specifically my most personal works coming from a journey that started for me in february of 2013. 

here are some from this path
some other thingies:)

last summer i created
summer faeries of the flowers
here is one day creating
summer flower faerie

fine art self-portrait photography

a calling of angelic joy

something whispers
come come
dear human child
feels so far away
still so close
a faerie trying to be heard
 on the rainbow
she say's
come be my magic
come be my joy
come sing with the
come join in 
for an eternity
unconditional love

- alice solantania saga

the above poem was my 3rd ever created:)
for being my teacher:)))

several saturday's in spring of 14 
i created
i am a dream

winter of 14 & 15
my dear princesse tuvstarr
was created
princess tuvstarr
 i have yet to create the last image of this series
which is illustrated by the magic
john bauer
john bauer
she ends up spellbound looking for her heart

i will do my own version of this
just have NO idea how at this moment

here is the tale

then in the spring of 15
the strawberry girl
the strawberry girl
she was supposed to be the good girl sharing strawberries to the world. but after having plucked these beauties all day she was tired plus starving so in the end she decided to devour them all to herself. gorging loving:)

idea was born out of this painting
joshua reynolds
the love
strawberry girl
wallace collection
this photo of me and the painting is by my dear jenny tallberg
from one of our magical artsy dates:)))
taking inspirational notes on evernote

the below image is from my second character/ self-portrait 
 i created
please dear god in the heavens, have mercy upon my soul
- the angel cried
dear god in the heavens

meet the candy cake witch
jealousy galore
of the next beauty
candy cake witch

you do know 
The Faerie Tales of Violette

below is an older version of this piece
it is now filled with oils in pinks & violettes
mixed media angel art
 the angels & cats of the gardens

another film still
film still
this little documentary of ours
can be watched

for september i am finally creating my
i am love


next spring

with love from ophelia

i haven't seen you
for what seems like an age,
not even a word torn from the
corner of a page
have you scrawled to remind me
that you knew i was here,
alone in the dark
with my mouth full of fear
that you'd never return.

while i've tried to remember the 
sound of your voice
my heart has bled violets
i've had no other choice,
and now you've returned, you don't 
know my face;
your eyes are blank walls
and nobody tells
why all i can see
is my reflection in them;
no recognition
of our skins' intuition -
what is the condition?
i don't understand.

and now i'm in water
surrounded by flowers
whose petals i've cried
over hours and hours.
my heart has grown heavy
and i'm starting to sink,
my hair turns to willow,
my eyes cherry-bloss pink,
returning to flowers 
is all i can think.
from out of my chest
 sprout blue hollyhocks
all round me is silent 
but the sound of a clock
and the roll of the water
 as it circles my face
like translucent lace;
the veil of my watery pall.


i wanna end this post
3 goldens:)))

katerina plotnikova
 the magic wonders 
katerina plotnikova

juan ferrandiz
 the flower virgin
juan ferrandiz

cottage rose graphics
pink roses christmas angels
cottage rose graphics

be joy
beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

have you met
sweet cheeks?
antique doll

Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Life - Faith Hope Love

hey beautiful creatures:)))

how are you? i know you are reading my little blog posts. i'd love to hear from you:)!?to connect!

anyways, today has been such wondrous. a lovely girl, paris, is now part of my life and i feel so blessed. will let you all know more soon.

i was meant to meet my love lisa after paris but life always shift for you so i took that time to devour another podcast episode of malcom gladwell, i can SO highly recommend his work. every single episode is a diamond. to expand ones mind & knowledge of our world. lisa will happen next week:))) i adore her so much. 

wanna show you some of my works that i am currently perfecting

here is my
alice pavlova magic
mixed media art
 the above is a self portrait from my series i am a dream that i create an image transfer upon a lovely wallpaper. and put into photoshop:)

here is a mixed media piece
work in progress
part of my
the golden circle of violette
mixed media art

another from the same project
this is an image transfer of my beloved grand parents. the angels are with them now in heaven. and my grandfather is still looking after me:))) they were so young here. such beauties. to ever have such unconditional love again, please?
now surrounded by angels in heaven
if i am ever to commit
the love 
my grandfather was capable of
if this would come near me
ever again
i would say YES

a last
piece of mixed media
faith hope love
mixed media
faith hope love

developed some images from my july
as shot with my zenith-e camera
from the 
moskow olympics 1980:)))

these ones has not been worked on 
still so beautiful right?

here is
my garden :))
the gardens east dulwich
usually a fox family hangs here:)))
this diamond is not that scared so there is time to take a photo
of this
the gardens east dulwich

flowers from peckham rye common
peckham rye common

its wild garden:)))
summer wild garden
such beauty right?

i did devour a gardening class in june & july
at the 
woolworth garden & farm
here is where i met my love lisa!
summer in london

walworth garden

obviously since i named my blog after the magic of alice in wonderland i save ALL inspirations i possibly can find on pinterest.

here are a few antique covers of the fairy tale:)))
alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland
so i hope the source can be tracked:)))

my weekend will be photography, ballet & acrobatic gymnastics. how are you to spend your valuable time? if you wish to share, please do:)

each thought is an investment that
pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely.
you have the power to choose your thoughts
and align them with love, peace, and harmony.
at your request, we will gladly attune your
energies to higher frequencies.

always choose 

faith hope love

alice solantania saga

baby angels